blogging about blogging

I had my host provider upgrade my weblog to Movable Type 4. At first, it looked like connections to the CSS stylesheets were broken, but it turns out that that the public_html/mt-static/themes directory that had the CSS files was replaced with a new one for MT4. Luckily, I had zipped this directory up before the upgrade and copied the zip file somewhere else, so when I restored the directory of the CSS that I use everything went back to normal.

Playing with pull quotes

Now maybe they display properly in the full Atom feed.

I like to put an image or a pull quote in my weblog postings to break up the gray of pure text. I also prefer pulling summary Atom feeds to full ones into my reader, but I offer both on my weblog’s home page. I recently saw in logs that the Atom feed with my complete postings is more popular, and I knew that the pullquotes looked wrong there, so I’ve tried to fix it.

A news reader wish, granted

It turns out that Bloglines lets you choose, by feed, whether you want the complete content, the summary, or just the title displayed.

June 2018 update: when Bloglines went down, I used Google Reader for a few years. When that went away, I used FeedReader for a few years, but having been recently a bit frustrated with their interface, I now use inoreader. Long live RSS!

Getting started

I've decided to start a more general-purpose weblog.

I’ve decided, with some encouragement last summer from Eve Maler, to start a general-purpose weblog. I’ve done a lot of writing on technical topics in various media over the years, but postponed doing this until I felt more of a sense of purpose about it.