Brand-name companies using SPARQL: the

Disney! Apple! Amazon! MasterCard!

Since I wrote “Experience in SPARQL a plus” about SPARQL appearances in job postings almost three years ago, I still find myself pointing people to it to show them that SPARQL is not some academic theoretical thing but a popular tool in production use at well-known companies.

On the job listing site, I have a saved search for SPARQL mentions. The daily email of new search hits that this sends me typically lists a few entries for companies that I have heard of and some for companies that I haven’t. Every now and then I’ll pick out one to tweet about on @learningsparql, although I don’t do it nearly as often as I could.

Between this ongoing stream of new job postings, the increasing age of that blog posting, and my ownership (inspired by Paul Ford’s of the domain name, I thought it would be fun to keep an updated list there so that I can point the SPARQL haters at it.

So the next time you see someone making ridiculous claims about SPARQL not catching on, tell them to check out the members of the!