The Nazz: "Open My Eyes"

Vintage rockin' psychedelia.

When I was a teenager, Todd Rundgren had his one big hit, “Hello It’s Me”. Combining pop, jazz, and so-called “progressive rock” usually results in a self-indulgent mess instead of good pop music, but he hit the balance right for this one.

Querying DBpedia

And looking forward to more.

DBpedia, as its home page tells us, “is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web.” That’s “available” in the sense of available as data to programs that read and process it, because the data was already available to eyeballs on Wikipedia. This availability is a big deal to the semantic web community because it’s a huge amount of valuable (and often, fun) information that the public…

Praising DITA

For the wrong and right reasons.

There many reasons to like the Darwin Information Typing Architecture, but much of the praise for it lately seems a bit misguided. For a lot of XML products and services companies, DITA is the new bottle in which to put their old wine. They talk about how DITA is great because it lets you:

I use the Windows command line a lot, but some things are easier with the graphical interface, such as deleting or moving a group of files that don’t have some obvious part of their name in common. I’ve know for years that you can start up Windows Explorer from the command line, and you can pass it an argument telling it which directory/folder to open in that window. The following command is a simple way to open up an explorer window for the current directory from the command line:

Playing with pull quotes

Now maybe they display properly in the full Atom feed.

I like to put an image or a pull quote in my weblog postings to break up the gray of pure text. I also prefer pulling summary Atom feeds to full ones into my reader, but I offer both on my weblog’s home page. I recently saw in logs that the Atom feed with my complete postings is more popular, and I knew that the pullquotes looked wrong there, so I’ve tried to fix it.