Live stock ticker data in RDF

Well, on a 20-minute delay.

I’ve played with finance.yahoo.com’s feed of CSV stock ticker data before and recently had an idea that was so simple that I’m surprised that no one’s done it before: why not write a script that passes along a request for this data but converts the result to RDF before returning it? So I did.

Federated SPARQL queries

Using a Jena extension.

Much of the promise of RDF and Linked Data is the ease of pulling data from multiple sources and combining it. I recently discovered the SERVICE extension that Jena adds to SPARQL, letting you send subqueries off to multiple SPARQL endpoints and then combine the results. Because a given SPARQL endpoint may be an interface to a triplestore or a relational data store or something else, the ability to query several endpoints with one query is very nice.