My command line OWL processor

With most of the credit going to to Ivan Herman.

I recently asked on Twitter about the availability of command line OWL processors. I got some leads, but most would have required a little coding or integration work on my part. I decided that a small project that I did with the OWL-RL Python library a few years ago gave me a head start on just creating my own OWL command line processor in Python. It was pretty easy.

You probably don't need OWL

And if you do there's a simple way to prove it.

During the course of my recent blog posts What is RDF?, What is RDFS?, What else can I do with RDFS?, and Taxonomy management with SKOS, some readers wondered if I would do a “What is OWL?” followup. I recommended to one inquirer that he read pages 39-41 and 263 - 269 of Learning SPARQL; I think that provides a pretty good introduction to OWL’s history and how to do some of the set-based logic that was an important part of its original intent.