Just about all the RDF triplestores I’ve been trying were designed from the ground up to store RDF triples. OpenLink Software’s Virtuoso is a database server that can also store (and, as part of its original specialty, serve as an efficient interface to databases of) relational data and XML, so some of my setup and usage steps required learning a few other aspects of it first. For example, the actual loading of RDF is done using Virtuoso’s WebDAV support, so I had to learn a…

Playing with some RDF stores

Instead of blogging.

I recently realized that most of my experience with RDF has been with tools that load triples into memory and then work with them there, so I’ve decided to get to know the disk-based triplestores out there better: Jena, Joseki, Sesame, AllegroGraph, OpenLink, Mulgara… let me know if I’m missing anything here.