Replace Facebook with FOAF + twitter + ?

Making the first connection.

If we replaced Facebook with a decentralized collection of cooperating services that provide a similar collection of features, obvious candidates for some of these services are FOAF files, twitter, and flickr, but what would coordinate those services? Some have APIs and can store information that lets you make connections between the different services, so I wrote something to make one of those connections.

Expand those shortened URLs before archiving twitter messages

What if a shortening service goes down?

People love to talk about the implications of going down, but what if a URL-shortening service goes down? When I had trouble getting to recently, I realized that when they’re down tweets referencing URLs are worthless—and that it wouldn’t be too difficult to do something about it before this happens. (I have wondered, though: why doesn’t twitter grab some short domain name and offer their own shortening service?) After all, if you’re saving any…

My own little Twitter client

No AJAX, Flash, or AIR; just HTML, but arranged the way I want it.

I’ve tried various Twitter clients, but usually just went back to the web-based interface that people hate so much. My main complaint with it—and I saw no other clients that did any better—was that it showed tweets in reverse chronological order. Conversations and the multi-tweet mini-essays that some people write are difficult to read that way, so I decided to write my own little client.