Last month in Populating a Schema.org dataset from Wikidata I talked about pulling data out of Wikidata and using it to create Schema.org triples, and I hinted about the possibility of updating Wikidata data directly. The SPARQL fun of this is to then perform queries against Wikidata and to see your data edits reflected within a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly edits showed up in query results, so I thought I would demo it with a little video.

One-click replacement of an IMDb page with the corresponding Wikipedia page

With some Python, JavaScript, and of course, SPARQL.

I recently tweeted “I find that @imdb is so crowded with ads that’s it’s easier to use Wikipedia to look up movies and actors and directors and their careers. And then there’s that Wikidata SPARQL endpoint!” Instead of just cursing the darkness, I decided to light a little SPARQL-Python-JavaScript candle, and it was remarkably easy.