Data wrangling, feature engineering, and dada

And surrealism, and impressionism...

In my data science glossary, the entry for data wrangling gives this example: “If you have 900,000 birthYear values of the format yyyy-mm-dd and 100,000 of the format mm/dd/yyyy and you write a Perl script to convert the latter to look like the former so that you can use them all together, you’re doing data wrangling.” Data wrangling isn’t always cleanup of messy data, but can also be more creative, downright fun work that qualifies as what machine learning people call…

My data science glossary

Complete with a dot org domain name.

Lately I’ve been studying up on the math and technology associated with data science because there are so many interesting things going on. Despite taking many notes, I found myself learning certain important terms, seeing them again later, and then thinking “What was that again? P-values? Huh?”