What REST is really about

According to the primary source document.

I had thought that “RESTful” meant “easily accessible with an HTTP GET, even when something isn’t HTML”. Shortly after a RESTafarian pointed out that there was more to it than that, I went to Brian Sletten’s excellent presentation REST: Information Architecture for the 21st Century at the Semantic Technologies conference and I learned a lot more about what being RESTful implies. During the presentation I asked Brian whether Roy Fielding’s 2000 doctoral…

RESTful SPARQL queries of RDFa

No local parsing or querying software needed.

Facebook’s OpenGraph, Google’s Rich Snippets, BestBuy’s use of the GoodRelations vocabulary and other recent events are boosting RDFa’s popularity for storing machine-readable data in web pages. There are several tools and programming libraries available (not to mention built-in features of development platforms such as TopQuadrant’s TopBraid Suite for application development) that let you extract the RDF triples from this RDFa markup and use it, but I recently…