Blogging on TopQuadrant's Blog

In addition to here.

I just added my first entry to TopQuadrant’s blog, Voyages of the Semantic Enterprise. It’s called SPIN Tutorial Available, and describes the tutorial I recently finished writing on using the SPARQL Inferencing Notation with TopBraid Composer.

I’ll be adding more to that blog in the future and certainly continuing with this one here, keeping the entries that focus on TopQuadrant technology over there. I’ll put the others—including more general interest entries on the semantic web, SPARQL, and RDF—right here.

Thanks for reading either!


By Piers Hollott on October 15, 2009 4:41 PM

But will your entries on TopQuadrant’s blog be marked up with Dublin Core RDFa? (ah, blogspot)

Looking forward to more on either venue. It’s great that TopQuadrant is encouraging their consultants to blog. Kudos!