Good XSLT advice

From two of the leading experts.

Usually, when a tech friend starts a weblog, I try to say “hey, check it out” here, but I was a little behind on my news when I found out about Jeni Tennison’s blog, and plenty of other people pointed to it, and it was already included in the Planet XML feed, so I thought that everyone who should know about it already would. But she just keeps delivering solid, useful, XSLT advice, so a few weeks late, I’ll say it: if you write many XSLT stylesheets, you owe it to yourself to read Jeni’s musings.

Of course you’ll also want to read Michael Kay’s Saxon diaries. He usually writes more from his perspective as an XSLT implementer, so it’s valuable the same way that studying compilers is valuable even if you’ll never write a compiler, because you have a better idea of what the computer does with these instructions that you write. Jeni’s focus on common stylesheet design questions (for example, match templates or named templates?) will be helpful to an even broader range of stylesheet authors.