semantic web

Linking different knowledge graphs together

Really linking them, not doing ETL.

Lately I’ve been thinking about some aspects of RDF technology that I have taken for granted as basic building blocks of dataset design but that Knowledge Graph fans who are new to RDF may not be fully aware of—especially when they compare RDF to alternative ways to build knowledge graphs. A key building block is the ability to link independently created knowledge graphs.

Knowledge Graphs!

Semantic Linked Knowledge Web Data Graphs?

For several years I thought of “knowledge graphs” as the buzzphrase that had partially replaced “Linked Data”, which was the buzzphrase that had partially replaced “Semantic Web”. In a 2012 blog entry I explained how Hadoop and the new-at-the-time NoSQL databases had convinced me that even if a technology has a funny name, selling it based on the problems it solves makes more sense and ages better than selling a buzz phrase vision and then, if that goes well,…

When I presented “intro to the semantic web” slides in TopQuadrant product training classes, I described how people talking about “semantics” in the context of semantic web technology mean something specific, but that other claims for computerized semantics (especially, in many cases, “semantic search”) were often vague attempts to use the word as a marketing term. Since joining CCRi, though, I’ve learned plenty about machine learning applications that…


Children's edition.

Going through some old files, I found a homework assignment that my younger daughter did seven or eight years ago. When doing RDF-related data modeling you put a lot of thought into properties, and I remember getting a kick out of this introduction to the concept when she brought it home.

Reuse? Ha!

Reuse is Good, especially when you reuse my work.

I laughed when I found the container shown here in our house, because it demonstrates an overly common attitude about reuse of software, right down to the sanctimonious tone: everyone agrees that reuse and recycling is good, so you should reuse this thing that we custom-designed for our particular needs.