Playing with wdtaxonomy

Those queries from my last blog entry? Never mind!

After I wrote about Extracting RDF data models from Wikidata in my blog last month, Ettore Rizza suggested that I check out wdtaxonomy, which extracts taxonomies from Wikidata by retrieving the kinds of data that my blog entry’s sample queries retrieved, and it then displays the results as a tree. After playing with it, I’m tempted to tell everyone who read that blog entry to ignore the example queries I included, because you can learn a lot more from wdtaxonomy.

Publishers and semantic web technology

A response to Dale Waldt's Gilbane XML posting on semantics and the web.

My old friend Dale Waldt (I remember, immediately after the announcement of the existence of XML at SGML 1996, going up to my then-coworker Dale and asking “So what do we think?”) recently posted an entry on the Gilbane XML blog titled Why Adding Semantics to Web Data is Difficult. A few days ago I posted a comment saying that the things that he saw as missing from semantic technologies are actually already there and working well, but my reply hasn’t shown up yet, so after a…

Using the ontology editing tool SWOOP to edit taxonomies and thesaurii

Hopefully, as a more powerful open source alternative to existing taxonomy packages.

In the online course in taxonomy development that I took recently we reviewed several popular taxonomy development tools. I found them to be expensive or to have clunky, dated interfaces, and was disappointed that the formats most of these programs supported for storing saved work was either a binary proprietary format or what they just called “XML”. (I’m open to correction on any of these points.) “OK,” I wondered, “What XML?” Reviewing some samples of…

What is a taxonomy?

A standard definition.

There are many terms that people can’t agree on. The great thing about standards is that even when everyone doesn’t agree about definitions included in those standards, these definitions provide a common baseline for everyone to work from.

An interview with Seth Earley about Linked Data

The role that taxonomies can play in Linked Data applications.

Earley & Associates is one of the biggest names in taxonomy development, and founder Seth Earley will be giving a talk on Building a Practical Semantic Framework: The role of taxonomies and controlled vocabularies in data integration at the Linked Data Planet conference next week. My recent reading makes the world of taxonomy development look a lot more mature than the ontology development that plays such a significant role in the semantic web, especially in terms of identifying concepts and…