An HTML form trick to add some convenience to life

With a little JavaScript as needed.

On the computers that I use the most, the browser home page is an HTML file with links to my favorite pages and a “single” form that lets me search the sites that I search the most. I can enter a search term in the field for any of the sites, press Enter, and then that site gets searched. The two tricks that I use to create these fields have been handy enough that I thought I’d share them in case they’re useful to others.

Validating RDF data with SHACL

Setting some constraints--then violating them!

Last month, in The W3C standard constraint language for RDF: SHACL, I described the history of this new standard that lets us define constraints on RDF data and an open source tool that lets us identify where such constraints were violated. The presence of the standard and tools that let us implement the standard will be a big help to the use of RDF in production environments.